About Me

I am a licensed professional counselor and psychotherapist with 20+ years of professional experience in the areas of higher education, mental health, and wellness. I have experience working with individuals of diverse backgrounds in healing and wellness. I also have extensive teaching experience  as an adjunct professor.

I started out my education at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee in 1980.  I studied for a year abroad in Ealing College, London UK then lived for a time in Germany.  I returned to complete my degree in Fine Arts in metalsmithing and became employed as a jeweler.  At this time I realized that although I enjoyed art, I liked to help people and began my journey in the world of psychology.  I proceeded to get a second bachelors in psychology and from there went to graduate school at the University of Wisconsin Madison.  While in graduate school I created an internship with the Southeast Asian Project and Madison Metropolitan School District, helping Hmong, Laotian, and Cambodian refugees adapt to life in the United States.  After Graduate School I worked with chronically mentally ill population experiencing voices and schizophrenia.  Around this time I explored other fields and became a financial advisor eventually owning my own franchise.  I had a successful practice with 250 client groups and over ten million dollars under management.  I sold my practice and decided to teach at the college level at Globe University where I rediscovered my passion for counseling.  I taught Interpersonal Relations, Introduction to Psychology, and Abnormal Psychology for several years before moving to the Eastern Shore of Virginia to work in the school system as a day treatment counselor.  After a few years of sunny Virginia, I missed home and decided to come back to Wisconsin to become a fully licensed counselor and start my own practice.  It's been a long fulfilling journey, gathering much experience along the way. 

 I use meditation and journaling in my personal life.  I am continually reading and training to help find ways to help my clients heal.  I find that my clients have deep potential if they only knew how to tap into it.  It is my challenge to help my clients achieve their goals and find what works for them.  My specialties are helping people cope with depression and anxiety on their way to developing their spiritual and personal growth.  I have interest and connection to Buddhist philosophies as many Buddhist teachings are supported by research in psychology.  

I have many hobbies and interests.   I enjoy cooking and gardening.   I appreciate art and continue to be interested in oil painting, watercolor, and metalsmithing.  I enjoy restoring vintage vehicles (although I don't have any right now).  I enjoy music and have sung in a choir and had taken classical guitar lessons from the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music.   I have traveled to 22 countries and visited many major museums and historic sites as I could.  I have lived in London, England and in Salzburg, Austria.  I have traveled to  Paris, Rome, Venice, Hamburg, and have spent a month in Vientiane, Laos.  I speak some German and I am currently learning Spanish.  There is so much to see and so much to experience I find that I cannot do everything but I do appreciate everything I am able to do.   

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